Welcome to My Writing Portfolio

My bookshelves are filled with Young Adult literature specifically about dangerous adventures, unexpected heroes, and strong female protagonists. These types of works have been my writing inspiration since I first picked up a pen and paper and dove into my own fantasy world.  I've grown as a writer, as most do, and I've trailed off into my specialty of personal narratives, biographies, and historical fiction genres.  I've written articles for an online digital media company.  I've written an online comic book.  I've written a fantasy narrative for a published book and future video game.  At one point, I was taking classes to be a secondary education teacher, so I've also collected a few lesson plans along the way.  I have various essays that I've done.  I've played around with poetry.  The one thing that all of my writings have in common is that they're all filled with my passion for this art.


An Open Letter To The First Man Who Never Loved Me: An Article for Odyssey

February 26, 2016

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